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Sewer Gas Causing Headaches for a Greenville Area Customer

“Whew!  What is that smell?”  Dealing with horrible sewer smells

Drain And Sewer ProblemsProvident Plumbing received a call from a customer this week dealing with a terrible sewer smell in her home. She noticed it first in one particular bathroom, but the smell was inconsistent. A few weeks later, she noticed the smell was now in her second bathroom.  At this point, she was convinced she had a plumbing problem. She decided to call a plumber at Provident Plumbing for help.

Solving the mystery of the sewer smell?  Should I call the City of Greenville to come check the line?

The first question the customer asked our customer service representative was, “Should I have the City of Greenville come out to check the sewer line? Maybe there is something wrong with the line in the road?” Our CSR reassured her that this is certainly an avenue our technician would pursue, if needed.  However, determining the source of a sewer smell is a step by step process.

The source of the problem, one faulty sewer vent.

Our technician determined that the customer had a faulty sewer vent. A sewer vent allows air into the system and lets the air flow. Think about it like a straw. If you hold your finger over the end of the straw, then the liquid cannot flow. The same thing happens with a vent. The sewer pipe vents out of the top of your house. If it is clogged, then the sewer system does not function properly causing the sewer smell. There are two solutions for our Greenville homeowner. We can install a new studor vent (a new vent in line with the pipe that does not require going out of the roof) or clear the vent from the roof.

Regardless of the reason for your sewer smell, Provident Plumbing is here to help you get to the bottom of it!  To learn more about sewer and drain services, click here. Call to schedule an appointment today!  1-855-517-2437

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